A Cup of Darjeeling ☕️

Date: Sometime in 2018

Despite the fact that it sounds like "darling", Darjeeling is not a sweet, fruity, flowery tea at all.

They call it "the champagne of teas", and I think that's very fitting. It's certainly a very elegant sort of tea.

Recommendations on how to drink it? No milk, one teaspoon of sugar, it's fine with no sugar as well. The milk will only dull the flavour, until you're drinking nothing more than a slightly watered down of milk. Darjeeling goes well with molasses-based sugars. Its bitterness means that it goes well with sweets or rich foods.

When I first drank a cup of Darjeeling, I though of white grapes. This might have been because of the tea's aforementioned moniker, but that's simply what I thought. It isn't as full-bodied as English Breakfast, but it certainly has a stronger, more resilient flavour than Earl Grey. It has a distinct bitterness that is light on the tongue and is quite pleasant with a good book on a cool evening.

Final note:

If my first glass of champagne doesn't taste like Darjeeling, I will be sorely disappointed.