My Recommended Youtubers


These are my favourite Youtubers. I think you'll like them too. I've seperated them into categories, so you can easily find ones that interest you!

Numberphile A channel hosted by Brady Haran where he interviews a whole bunch of mathematicians or other sorts of people on a
whole bunch of math-related topics.
3blue1brown Expertly made videos that help explain math topics in an intuitive and visual manner.
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The 8Bit Guy A guy who mainly does videos on 8-bit computers (e.g Commodore VIC-20, Atari ST). He also has a keyboard (as in the instrument) channel called 8bit Keys!
Ben Eater A guy who teaches computer science and electronic engineering through making 8-bit breadboard computers. Definitely a must-watch if you're in anyway interested in the inner workings of computers.
freeCodeCamp A group that's well known for releasing free courses on how to code in various languages. Now anyone can learn to code with a simple Youtube video!
danooct1 A guy who runs demonstrations of old malware (and occasionally viewer-made malware). A nice trip down nostalgia lane.
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Stryder7x Sometimes refered to as the "pannenkoek2012" of Paper Mario, his videos comprise of in-depth explanations of Paper Mario glitches, Paper Mario speedrun strategies, a memetically long playlist of the different things that can crash Paper Mario, and more!
Retro Game Mechanics Explained Amazing technical explanations for retro game glitches and mechanics, as well as explanations into how certain retro consoles (e.g SNES) operate. Quite technical and some videos require computer science knowledge, but infinitely fascinating.
Also known as "0.5x A Press/Parallel Universes Guy". Well known for his videos on the SM64 A-Button Challenge, he also does videos breaking down the mechanics (his video on how SM64 handles coin counting is really good!) of SM64. One of my main inspirations for getting into game development.
I'm filing all of these Youtubers under the one umbrella since they specialize in the same topic: glitches in Pokemon games. Most of the time they'll deal with Gen 1 or Gen 2 (since they're less robust than their more modern counterparts).
Also, TheZZAZZGlitch does his own A-Button challenge with Pokemon Red/Blue, and every April Fools Day, he'll usually send out a Pokemon hacking challenge for his viewers to solve, so he's definitely one to look out for if you're interested in this topic!
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SomeOrdinaryGamers more to be added
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